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Data Loggers and Measurement Systems
Relative / Absolute Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Crack Movement, Material Moisture, Voltage and Current
Detection and Registration of any Measurement Parameter
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What is a Data Logger?

The basic principles of data logger systems

Practical information about the features of our data logger systems, the company philosophy and potential cooperations with Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH !

thermoelement datenloggerThe high-quality data logger systems from Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH detect, analyse and record measuring data of all kinds, such as the temperature, humidity, material moisture, crack movement, events, voltage, current, pressure, CO2, rainfall, etc. over several years.

The systems record the measuring data by using a periodic rhythm that can be defined freely. The data loggers work independently and do not loose the collected data even when the battery goes flat. The measuring results thus collected can be displayed on a very well structured display, which comes with many of our data loggers. Moreover, the data can be printed out with the help of a flexible and portable miniature printer or, even more comfortably, evaluated with our
powerful software on your computer. If you want to use the data loggers at a location far away, our remote transmittion systems enable you to receive the collected measuring data comfortably via email. Additionally, our universal alarm systems inform you in an emergency situation via SMS, telephone call or electronic horn.

The company "Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH" permanently adds news products to its assortment and developes products based on the needs of the customers.

When adapted accordingly, our products can be used as data logger systems for recording any physical parameters.

So, if you do need a customized design just give us a ring.

A high degree of competency, reasonable prices and short development periods are our strong points.