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Data Loggers and Measurement Systems
Relative / Absolute Humidity and Temperature Sensors
Crack Movement, Material Moisture, Voltage and Current
Detection and Registration of any Measurement Parameter
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Support / Updates

Current Product Catalog:

Below you find the current product catalog of Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH. Within you find all our data logger systems, sensors, measurement equipment and accessories. For more detailed information you can contact us personally at any time. Just give us a call or write us an email.

If you want to open and browse in our data logger product catalog, you need the free "Adobe Reader". You can download the reader on the Adobe© web site. Just click on the according link.

Product Description Release Download
Scanntronik Product Catalog Issue 2019 (German) 16 MB (*.pdf file)
Scanntronik Product Catalog
- Neutral -
Without logo and prices
Issue 2019
(German - Neutral)
16 MB (*.pdf file)
Adobe© Reader Current Release

Video Tutorials:

The following video tutorials try to show and explain you the different features of our data loggers. You can easily download the different files and play them with your "Windows Media Player":

Topic Download
Video tutorial for the installation of the USB interface (German) 13 MB (*.wmf file)
1. Basic video tutorial for the SoftFOX analysis software (German) 11 MB (*.wmf file)

Software Updates:

Below you find the newest releases of our SoftFOX analysis software suitable for all Scanntronik data logger systems like the Thermofox Universal, Mini Ultra, Hygrofox, Room Climate Guard, etc.

The following "SoftFOX" software release is a 32/64-bit application, especially designed for the "Windows" operating systems: Microsoft Windows© XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or a newer version. Using the software with an older "Windows" operating system is not recommended. "Windows" is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

Please note, that some virus scanners (e.g. Kaspersky, ...) can interfere with the file download. In this case an error message like "Error: The setup files are corrupted" can appear. Deactivate the virus scanner or use a different computer to download the file.

Description / Suitable for Operating System Release Download
All Scanntronik Data Loggers incl. 32-bit and 64-bit-Driver Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or newer 3.03 / English/German 15 MB (*.exe file)
Installation Manual for the
USB - Interface
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or newer 1.00
230 KB (*.pdf file)

Technical Documents, Theoretical Physics and Tools:

In this section you can download technical documents, manuals, papers and tools for our data logger systems and measurement equipment.

Tool / Documents Topic Download
Online - Support Tool for the Scanntronik online support 179 KB (*.zip file)
Excel Import / Export Data - Postprocessing with Excel (German) 276 KB (*.doc file)
Theoretical Physics The Physics of Hygrometry (German) 230 KB (*.pdf file)

Technical Support and Service Team:

If you have any question or need help with one of our data loggers, just contact our technical support team via email. We always guarantee a maximum of motivation to answer your questions as soon as possible and to solve any possible problem.

Furthermore, you can always contact us via phone, so we can assist you personally.
You will find more information about how to contact Scanntronik Mugrauer GmbH here.